Keeping Fit and Healthy

Keeping Fit and Healthy

  • Understanding The Symptoms And Treatment Options For Type 2 Diabetes

    Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition that can develop when there are high levels of sugar in your blood. This occurs due to insulin impairment. Insulin is a hormone produced in your pancreas, but when the pancreas doesn't produce enough or when insulin uptake is poor, the cells in your body will not absorb enough sugar from your bloodstream. High levels of blood sugar can contribute to you developing some serious health problems, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, nerve damage, kidney disease, eye disease and infections.

  • The Most Important Cancer Screening Tests for Women

    As a woman, it's important to be mindful of your health and take the necessary precautions to stay healthy. This includes undergoing regular screening tests. You need to know what tests you should get and when. Here are two of the most important screening tests that you should add to your list. A Mammogram A mammogram is a type of x-ray that can help detect breast cancer in its early stages.

  • Women's Healthcare: A Guide

    This article provides an overview of women's health care services and some of the conditions that may need treatment at a clinic or hospital. Read on to discover more! What is a women's health clinic? A women's health clinic is a place that provides a variety of medical services to address the needs of women who are at any stage in their lives, from adolescence to adulthood. These clinics work closely with local public hospitals and private physicians, as well as community agencies such as school boards and social service agencies, to provide quality care that ensures the safety of women when they need it most.

  • The Psychological Approach to IBS Treatment

    The days in which a doctor would tell you that a medical condition only exists in your mind are long gone, and a doctor would now be more inclined to investigate the psychological manifestation of a physical ailment. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) certainly doesn't only exist in a patient's mind, and yet some forms of treatment can focus on the psychological aspect of the condition, and with good reason too. 

  • Genetic Screening During Pregnancy: How Much Do You Know?

    Genetic screening is one of the most outstanding achievements of modern-day medicine. Practitioners can test an individual or a specific population for the predisposition to a particular genetic disorder. By doing so, they can tell the people in danger of developing these conditions, which helps with planning to afford the best medical care. The information can also give insight into the genetic disorder trend, and practitioners can advise patients about the lifestyle changes they need to make.

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Keeping Fit and Healthy

Hello. My name is Diana and I am 65 years old. As the years have gone by, I have realised that I need to take better care of my body. As a young woman, I used to spend a lot of time hanging around bars, drinking too much and smoking too many cigarettes. When I finally married, I would sit around in the house all day and eat plates of food. I put on a lot of weight and started to experience a range of health problems. Thankfully, I eventually visited my local health care clinic and received the help I needed to become a healthy human being. I was so pleased with the treatment and I learnt so much that I decided to start a blog.