Keeping Fit and Healthy

Keeping Fit and Healthy

Five Reasons for Using Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries

by Mildred Dixon

Hearing aids only work well if the batteries are good enough, so the choice of battery can be vital to the proper functioning of your device. One choice is to use rechargeable batteries, so what are the advantages of this method of powering your hearing aid?


Firstly, rechargeable batteries will be cheaper in the long run than ordinary batteries. Although they may be more expensive to buy in the first place, there will be no need to keep replacing them every couple of days. Ordinary batteries may not last for a week and that can cause problems if you run out. Having to replace them so often will soon exceed the initial outlay on the rechargeable batteries.


There is another advantage to not having to buy batteries so often, which is that you do not need to physically change them. Hearing aids are small devices and changing the batteries can be a fiddly job, so being able to leave rechargeable batteries in should make life much easier. Rechargeable batteries should be able to last for about a year before you have to change them.

Charging overnight

Rechargeable batteries also give you more control over when to charge them. With ordinary batteries, you will need to change them whenever they run out. Rechargeable batteries can keep their charge for twenty-four hours and can be recharged when it is convenient to you — so you can charge them up overnight when you do not need to use your hearing aid, knowing it will be working properly in the morning.

Ease of charging

Charging the batteries is also usually an easy task. Usually, it is not necessary to take the batteries out of the hearing aid — the entire device can be placed in a charger so that the batteries are fully charged without any further intervention from you.


Finally, but perhaps most importantly, rechargeable batteries are a green solution to powering your hearing aid. Having to change batteries every week means that more batteries will be going into landfill, where they can leak chemicals into the surrounding land and water systems. Rechargeable batteries do not need to be changed so often and so do not place such a strain on the environment.

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries are cheaper, simpler and greener than ordinary batteries. If you think they may be the solution for you, just ask a rechargeable hearing aid batteries supplier for details.


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