Keeping Fit and Healthy

Keeping Fit and Healthy

Is It Critical To See A Podiatrist For An Ankle Sprain?

by Mildred Dixon

An ankle sprain is one of the injuries that you are likely to sustain at least once in your lifetime. And since this is considered a highly common foot injury, some people will simply look for ways to care for their ankle online and not bother to seek medical advice. The reality is that choosing to treat your ankle at home can be detrimental for the overall health of your foot. Ankle sprains can range in severity, so it is best to visit your local health care clinic for a podiatrist to check out the extent of the damage. If you or a loved one has sprained their ankle, here are some reasons why you should see a podiatrist in the shortest time possible.

A podiatrist will provide an accurate diagnosis

While the typical assumption about sprains is that they are simple to diagnose, making a presumption about your injury is inadvisable. Your foot, and subsequently your ankle, comprise complex and sensitive nerves, muscles and tissue. Considering that your ankle will swell once you injure it, you will find it challenging to pint the exact point of damage. Playing down how severe this problem is will not only delay the speed of your recovery, but it also opens you up to subsequent injury on the damaged ankle. Seeing a podiatrist is crucial since they will carry out a thorough examination of the ligaments, tendons, tissues and bones in your foot, which helps in diagnosing the breadth of the injury.

A podiatrist will investigate the degree of nerve damage

One thing a number of people do not realise about an ankle sprain is the risk of nerve damage. Thus, when you overlook seeing a podiatrist, you inevitably end up living with condition underdiagnose. When you visit a podiatrist for your ankle sprain, they will carry out examinations to determine if parts of your foot have lost sensation due to the never damage. These examinations will include taking diagnostic images, testing for sensitivity, probing of the affected area and so on. Take note that loss of sensation in your foot due to an ankle sprain can result in decreased mobility.

A podiatrist will offer you the best treatment regimen

If an ankle sprain is not addressed in the correct manner, there is a high chance that discomfort will linger for the long term. When you choose to visit a podiatrist for your injury, the first thing they will do is provide you with immediate treatment. Second, your podiatrist will offer you accurate advice on how best to care for your injured foot while you are at home. Lastly, you will be equipped with the proper medical tools that will stabilise your ankle while you are in recovery.


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