Keeping Fit and Healthy

Keeping Fit and Healthy

What Doctors Want You to Know About Sexual Health

by Mildred Dixon

There are many areas of your health that you pay attention to. Some come as second nature, such as exercising and watching what you eat. Others may require a little more focus, and for many, sexual health is one such area.

STIs are on the rise in Australia. While some are easy to treat, others act as a lifelong barrier to a healthy sex life. If you want to enjoy good sexual health, there are some easy tips doctors would love for you to follow.

Discharge isn't always a bad thing

Vaginal discharge is natural at various stages of your menstrual cycle. If it's clear or white, you shouldn't really worry about its presence. However, if it begins to smell bad or takes on a yellow or greenish tinge, you should visit a sexual health clinic.

On the other hand, if you're a guy, penile discharge is more likely to indicate that you have an STD. As such, you should seek medical advice and ask for tests to rule out any diseases you could pass onto your partner. In the meantime, use condoms.

Becoming familiar with your genitals is essential

Genitals come in all shapes and sizes. When you take the time to familiarise yourself with yours, you'll find it easier to identify worrying changes. Doing so reduces your chances of catching and spreading STDs. For example, if you start to notice a lump or a wart, you should probably hold back on bedroom activities until your doctor gives you the all clear. Why? Genital warts are particularly contagious and can spread easily through foreplay. As such, the best way to protect your sexual partner is to have warts removed before sleeping with them again.

Sex comes in all shapes and sizes

Unfortunately, modern culture promotes sex as always being passionate and vigorous. While that's often true for the earlier stages of a relationship, expecting it to stay that way may harm your emotional health or that of your partner.

Accepting that sex dwindles as time goes on, or that it won't always result in the pleasurable outcome you want, allows you to have a healthy relationship with the act itself. Even better, it puts your partner at ease and allows you both to enjoy a healthy relationship without pressure.

If you're worried about your sexual health, reach out to your doctor or nearest clinic. In addition to screening for diseases, they can provide advice that makes sex safer and can also tackle issues such as fertility and loss of libido. 


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Keeping Fit and Healthy

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